Jaime Weekends

Jaime has been around the block a time or two.  This gal knows how to rock with the best. After all, her mentor was Dr. Johnny Fever!  She gets philosophical when she needs to and she’s not afraid to ask those questions that roll around in her head, like “I wonder how many marshmallows Mick Jagger can fit into his mouth?”  or  “If I play AD/DC backwards will I understand the meaning of life?”  Hey, that’s important stuff!

When she’s not off chasing after a lock of Dave Grohl’s hair or a peek at Sully Erna, she loves doing her rock show on 93-5 ‘KHY.  She lives for it.  It’s the best part of her weekend.  She says it’s her “dream job”. 

Playing music is the best way to get lost from the kookiness of every day life.

And no, a therapist is not needed when times get tough all she need to do is listen to more RUSH or Foo Fighters or Pearl Jam or Godsmack or Halestorm, well, you get the idea.