Ken 7pm – Midnight

Ken was born on March 23 1783 , in Warsaw Poland to a family of Pierogi farmers. On his 8th birthday his village was attacked and burned to the ground by Bobba Fett and Zartan on their quest to find the jewel of Qurtok. He was one of only 6 survivors. He swore revenge on Fett and Zartan . He trained for 6 years to do battle learning many Polish fighting styles. When he was finally ready he took out his revenge against them in an epic battle. During the battle Zartan used the power of the Qurtok jewel to send Ken to Xastyk , one of the worst Hell dimensions known to exist. While in Xastyk he helped lead a rebellion against the evil ruler Aybar. After years of battle, victory was achieved when Ken broke into Aybars’ castle , plugged in his Les Paul guitar and played a blistering solo that was so awesome it created Eddie Van Halen. By helping free the slaves of Xastyk and appointing Eddie Van Halen leader , the people sent Ken back to his dimension. The only problem was over 200 years had pasted on Earth. Upon his return He learned That Zartan and Bobba Fett were still on the loose. The powers of the Qurtok Jewel kept them from dying. Only now their army had grown. Ken knew the only way to seek revenge was to create his own army. He now uses the power of radio to contact others to help in his fight to destroy Fett and Zartan. For one day he will get his revenge against them and their will be peace.