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Get to know Strange…

Jeff Strange is a radio personality who spent 10 years in Muncie’s Delaware County Jail. He was released and has since gone on to perform, as what can only be described, as average, mediocre radio shows. (Most of which were not actually performed by himself, but by an eccentric/mentally challenged twin brother, prone to fits of unbridled rage.)

93-5 ‘KHY found Strange shouting at ducks one afternoon in Columbian park. Since then, they haven’t been able to get rid of him. He is not even on the company payroll.

When Strange isn’t sleeping or drinking, he can be found picking up cans along the Sagamore Parkway.

Strange will tell you that what you’re smelling isn’t him, but he’s lying. His wife will tell you the truth.

Strange is really into disturbing puppet theatre. He made a marrionette in his own likeness and uses it to scare his kids.

Strange says he’s not cheap, but everyone knows that’s a dirty lie.

Whenever Strange can, he likes to ride the bus while sobbing uncontrollably.

Strange claims to “work” in radio, but really, he’s running a meth lab and spending the earnings on candy and dirty magazines.

Strange’s secret dream is to drive in a tractor pull competition.

Strange’s only claim to fame is that he can make a 5 minute brownie mix in 3 minutes.

In the end, Strange is a complete ass.