Meet Brooke & Jubal!
They are taking over mornings on B102-9 each weekday from 6am – 10am!
Brooke & Jubal will keep you laughing and entertained all morning long with their Phone Taps, Shock Collar Questions, Second Date, and SO MUCH MORE!

 A self described small town girl living the big city dream, Brooke Fox has worked in morning radio for the past 13 years.  Brooke was a host on FOX TV’s “Dish Nation” for three seasons. She also serves as a spokesperson for the American Heart Association and the Komen Foundation.

Jubal Flagg is a standup comedian, radio host, television personality and comedy writer. Known for his quick wit, and keen and often strange observations, Jubal has been entertaining audiences on stage and on the radio for more than 10 years.

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  • Phone Tap: Katy Killed A Guy December 12, 2019
    Hear one guy react to learning his girlfriend is a KILLER in the Phone Tap!
  • Misheard Christmas Songs - December 12 December 12, 2019
    A new survey found the most COMMON misheard lyrics to your favorite holiday songs… And you won’t believe what some people have been singing…
  • Phone Tap: Ted the Doctor December 12, 2019
    Ted the Stoner calls a local business owner who is worried his employees have been calling in "sick" with lies.
  • Second Date: Jesse and Adrienne (Bad Cookin' Boy) December 12, 2019
    Jesse brought a girl back to his apartment on the first date… and he showed her his "Fortress of Solitude.” We're not making that up, he actually said that. Find out what he means, and if it's hurting his chances at love in the Second Date!
  • Shock Collar Question - December 12 December 12, 2019
    Who was Spotify's most streamed artist of 2019?
  • Second Date: James and Sarah (English Bloke) December 11, 2019
    In today’s Second Date, we spoke to a guy who’s being blown off… And none of the hosts understand why he’s getting stood up… Is there something he’s not telling us?
  • What's On Your Mind? - December 11 December 11, 2019
    The hosts go around the room and share whats been bugging them lately!
  • Care or Don't Care? - December 11 December 11, 2019
    The hosts decide whether they CARE or DON’T CARE about all kinds of weird topics. If the majority votes that they care, they get to hear more about it… And Jubal who doesn’t care about anything is forced to listen!
  • Phone Tap: Your New Daddy December 11, 2019
    Coming up in your Phone Tap, Jubal’s calling a guy who is going home to meet his mom’s new boyfriend for the first time. And as his new daddy, Jubal needs to lay down some ground rules.
  • Phone Tap: You Lied About That Ticket December 11, 2019
    Officer Jubal calls a woman who recently lied to get out of a speeding ticket and he tells her he knows all about it.