B102-9 Shows

Brooke & Jubal 6am – 10am

Meet Brooke & Jubal!They are taking over mornings on B102-9 each weekday from 6am – 10am!Brooke & Jubal will keep you laughing and entertained all morning long with their Phone Taps, Shock Collar Questions, Second Date, and SO MUCH MORE!  A self described small town girl living the big city dream, Brooke Fox has worked in morning…

Joe 7pm – Midnight

Joe will keep the hits going all night long each weekday from 7pm – midnight!  Got a request?  Email Joe.

Logan 10am – 3pm

Logan will get you through your work day from 10am – 3pm with Today’s Hit Music!  Got a request?  Email Logan.

Ryan Seacrest 3pm – 7pm

With his thriving broadcasting career and multiple ventures, Ryan Seacrest is at the forefront of the media and entertainment industry. While hosting and producing multiple television and radio programs, building his Ryan Seacrest Productions (RSP) banner into a leading television production company and managing a myriad of brand and business ventures, Seacrest is redefining what it…

Sunday Nite Slow Jams

Tune in Sunday nights from 8pm – Midnight for Sunday Nite Slow Jams. Slow Jams’ host and creator, R Dub, has zeroed in on exactly what Slow Jams listeners want – timeless music…love songs they grew up with…the song that was playing when they had their first kiss…passion… Sunday Nite Slow Jams features the hottest R&B love…